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Business Development & Corporate Strategy

Mr Manivasugen holds his MBA from Bangalore University, India. Previously, he received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Bharathidasan University (India). He’s been with Raffles College since 2014.

Jeffrey Aritonang

Head of Programme (HOP) Business Studies Program

Mr. Jeffrey Aritonang earned his Master Degree of Science in Accountancy and Master in Business Administration in Information System from Oklahoma City University. He specializes in financial valuation of investments and companies. His other primary area of interest is in internal control and security in information systems. 

His teaching includes Financial Accounting, Theory and Accounting Information Systems.His primary interests are in financial disclosure, valuation and pedagogical issues involving technology. 

Prior to his academic career, he worked in business software development, a few years as an accountant and auditor in public accounting companies, marketing manager and lecturer in other Universities.

Edwin Saujana

Lecturer (BSP Program)

Mr Edwin first joined Raffles College in 2007 as a commerce lecturer. He earned his Bachelor of Business from University of Technology Sydney (Australia), and Master of Commerce in Business from Macquarie University (Australia). Mr Edwin has wider understanding and experience in development of programs and courses in the field of Economics and Management.

Nureeza Chong

Lecturer (BSP Program)

Ms Nureeza pursued his Bachelor of Information Technology from Charles Sturt University (Australia) and Master of Business Administration in GS FAME Institute of Business (Philippines). Her focus is to see that learning opportunities are relevant, meaningful and engaging to students. Ensuring each student becomes confidently equipped with the relevant skills required in the wider community.

Ahmad Arif Ali

Head of Programme (HOP) Designpreneur Program

Mr Arif graduated from Multimedia University Malaysia with Bachelor (Hons) in Multimedia majoring in Digital Media back in 2001. Mr Arif has been working with many students in enriching student life on Raffles College. He believes that hands-on experience is vital for students to develop a well-rounded understanding of Design and Entrepreneurship. He lectures in the Designpreneur program from FMDS Singapore.

Janice Vania Horman

Lecturer (BSP Program)

Ms Janice took a First Class Honours degree in business management at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.  Her aim is to provide a top-class education for her  students  in order for them to excel in the business world.

Novianthony Wiyanto

Lecturer (Designpreneur Program)

Mr Thony completed his Bachelor of Design in Multimedia Design from Swinburne University, Australia. After graduating, he pursued his career by working in several companies in Australia and Singapore. He aims to bring this medley of experiences to his lectures and provide students with diverse, active, and engaging classroom learning experiences.

Kirti Sharma

Lecturer (BSP Program)

Ms Kirti acquired her bachelor's degree in communication at the London School of Public Relations in Jakarta, and is currently pursuing her master's degree at the same university. She is also a certified public Speaker, professional motivator and author of two books, and has amassed considerable experience in the fields of training and copywriting. Her career as a lecturer began in 2016, focusing on communication and English-related studies.

Malcolm Johnson

Lecturer in English

Mr Malcolm took an honours degree in English literature at the University of Leeds in England, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language. He then specialized in language testing and evaluation. He later joined the Overseas Career Service of the British Council, working in the fields of educational cooperation and development in nine countries before settling in Indonesia.

He joined Raffles Christian School, Pondok Indah, in 2005, and held the position of Head of the English Department both there and subsequently at Raffles Christian School, Kebon Jeruk.

Rian Dimas Kusumah

Lecturer (Designpreneur Program)

Mr Rian acquired his Bachelor of Art and Design (major in Visual Communication) and Master of Multimedia Design at Monash University (Australia). 

He previously worked as a Graphic Designer in UNIK STUDIO HK and DATACOMM DIANGRAHA.