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17 students graduated in September 2019 and received the title of Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from University of Hertfordshire, they are:

1.  Verdyan Surjadi Widjaya

2.  Aldo Savero 

3.  Clarita Destiny

4.  Lixy Huanggono

5.  Timothy Victory Tewu

6.  Trisha Marie

7.  Ryan Lukito

8.  Alden Evert Ajawaila

9.  Alfian Prayogo Liando

10.  Alicia Mary Ann

11.  Felicia Damayanti 

12.  Harry Dharmawan Limas

13.  Rega Dhaniandra Putra

14.  Rio Utomo 

15.  Stanley Tjandra

16.  Ailani Himesh Khubchand

17.  Joshua Parkash Khubani

First Class Honor Award are given to students who achieved a combined average numeric grade of 69.50 or more, First Class Honor Award recipients are:

1.  Lixy Huanggono 

2.  Trisha Marie

3.  Verdyan Sujadi Widjaya 

Congratulations for your achievement and best wishes for your future