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Snapshot of RC-UH Student Orientation (May 2018 – intake)

We are excited to officially welcome our new students for University of Hertfordshire’s Bachelor of Business Administration at Raffles College!

Our orientation program is designed to provide every new student with a snapshot of what college is about, modules they will learn throughout the course, an introduction of University tools and resources, and plans to successfully graduate from Raffles College/ University of Hertfordshire. On 25 May 2018, our students also had the opportunity to have a live webinar session with our Programme Leader from University of Hertfordshire (UK), Leonor Silva de Mattos, which allows students to connect and ask their questions about the programme. Leonor gave a warm welcome for all of the students and will support both students and Academic team throughout the course.

Orientation day is a fun and an essential part of the student experience at Raffles College, which is why it is mandatory for all new students to attend!