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RC-UOW Graduation Day

On 19 July 2018, our students have finished their study and graduated from the University of Wollongong, Australia. The hard work and dedication of Raffles College students have been paid off, with 6 out of 13 students managed to receive an overall Distinction score.


The Graduation Ceremony was very exciting, with each recipient given a rousing cheer and round of applause from staff, family and friends as they crossed the stage. Graduates can be spotted posing for pictures in the campus with their robes, together with their family and friends.


Raffles College is especially proud of the students’ results and wishes everyone to have a successful future!



List of students with Distinction:

1. Jagdish Singh Dhillon

2. Jason Adam

3. Jonathan Halim

4. Salma Tasnim Prioty

5. Stephanie

6. Stephen Buana Tirtawijoyo