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Raffles Education Expo 2019

The Raffles Group of Schools and Raffles College (RGSC) successful held the 1st Raffles Education Expo on November 5 -10, 2019 at Lippo Mall Puri. The aim of this education expo is to connect and engage parents and stakeholders to our core values and brand of education. We believe in a holistic education which will provide students with the skills to be confident, articulate, independent leaders for 21st century.  

We believe that learning is a journey and providing experiences that challenge young people will bring about innovation and unique new perspectives.

RGSC invited schools in West Jakarta to participate in the event with performances such as dancing, fashion show and singing. 30 schools and learning centres participated in the Expo. The Raffles EXPO included a wide variety of activities such as coloring competitions, zumba dance, traditional dance, workshops, seminars, talk shows, K-POP dance competition and games for the general public. The K-POP dancing competition was held on the closing day and drew massive interest. 

There were a total of 22 companies who supported the event. These include PT Infinite Potensi a leading education supplies company, Peony Kids Center - a learning intervention centre which specializes in supporting the developmental needs for both children and adults, Edulab Learning and Enrichment Centre, the University Hertfordshire - a UK university and other companies in the education sector.

PT Acer Indonesia - the industry partner of the Raffles Group of Schools and  Raffles College, exhibited the Predator Thronos,a high end 180 degree view gaming set worth IDR 300 million to entertain event visitors. Visitors were given a rare opportunity to experience game-play on the Predator Thronos - the only such gaming set available in Indonesia. The closing event was the K-POP dance competition on Sunday,10 November from 18:00 – 20:00 which created massive interest and drew a big crowd to the mall's atrium.