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                   When we've been saturated with seminars, mauled by meetings or  swamped with endless hours of study, it's inevitable that we become bored and unfocused  -  there's just so much information that our brains can absorb before our minds go numb.

Ice breaking to the rescue. It breaks down shyness and social inhibitions and makes participants in seminars, meetings, classes and training events relax, interact and get to know each other. An ice breaker is a game or activity that generates communication and cooperation between event participants who may only know each other slightly - or not at all. It's a sharing experience that relaxes everybody.

Ferdi Kawi is Indonesia's number-one ice breaker. Starting out as a coach and trainer, he rose to become the best ice breaker because of his amazing talent and boundless energy. He has the knack of making an audience relax and enjoy themselves, warming up the participants in a training session ready to enjoy the experience. He knows how to actively involve everyone and stop them from becoming bored.

Ferdi Kawi says that he learned the art of ice breaking from sessions with fellow professional trainers and coaches. By observing sessions with professionals, we too can learn from their mastery of technique to create our own style. To become a top ice breaker we can also learn by watching and studying - in particular, learning the arts of speech and rhetoric so as to build our confidence and effectiveness in speaking to a large audience.

                   There are ice breaking tips from Ferdi Kawi on Raffles College Instagram Live on Friday, 13 November 2020. The first is that we have to prepare ourselves by focusing on presenting the right materials in the right way to our participants. Secondly, we need to prepare two or more ice breaking activities. Why do we need a Plan B ? It's in case our icebreaking isn't working and the audience is still cold. Having other material up our sleeve lets us try another tactic to warm up the participants. Another thing that we must do before becoming an ice breaker is to find out who our participants are and get some information about them, so we can deliver the right material to break the ice. Finally - and most importantly - ice breaking can be used to prevent a session from becoming too long and boring, by changing to a new activity.

                   What an awesome Instagram live session with Ferdi Kawi! We have learnt new skills about ice breaking and got insights from him, too. You can check our IGTV at @rafflescollege to watch the full version of our IG Live session with Ferdi Kawi. Stay tuned in to our next IG Live session and be inspired, Rafflesian!