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Most of you have heard or learned about exports. Export activities have an important role in a country and are closely related to its economic growth.

Export is a process of transactions of goods or commodities carried out from one country to another. This activity is often carried out by companies with small to large scale businesses as the main strategy to compete in international trade.

On Wednesday May 5, Raffles College held an IG Live together with Julio, founder of Komunitas Bisa Export. Komunitas Bisa Export is a community as well as an application dedicated to support exporters in Indonesia.  It provides buyer information from more than 40 countries for various product from Indonesia. Komunitas Bisa Export provides buyers from various fields ranging from agricultural products, raw materials, semi-finished materials, to ready-to-use products. Komunitas Bisa Export also helps funding up to 50% of invoices for exporters.

Julio himself is a successful charcoal exporter, managing a multi-million dollar account. Julio invites millennials to achieve their dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur by becoming an exporter. There are many commodities and products that we can sell abroad - and remember that export is about collaboration, not competition, Julio said.

Thank you so much for a wonderful IG Live session Julio! Thank you for sharing your skills and sparing your time. Keep your spirit up, we wish komunitas bisa ekspor will always grow and multiply. Please check out IG: komunitasbisaekspor for more export tips. Stay tuned for our next IG Live session and get inspired, Rafflesian!

*Check our IG: rafflescollege to watch the full version