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Chinese New Year Celebration on 26 February 2018

Raffles College's Chinese New Year Celebration on 26 February 2018 - We did some fun activities such as playing games and having Yee Sang (Yu Sheng/Lou Sang/Lou Hei) together.  Yee Sang is a prosperity dish unique to Malaysia and Singapore. 

The name translates to “increase in abundance”. Therefore, having Yee Sang at the beginning of the year symbolizes the abundance and prosperity that you will have for the year. 

We also had some oranges. It is believed that displaying tangerines and oranges will bring good luck and fortune due to their pronunciation, and even writing. The Chinese for orange (and tangerine) is 橙 (chéng /chnng/), which sounds the same as the Chinese for 'success' (成).  One of the ways of writing tangerine (桔 jú /jyoo/) contains the Chinese character for luck (吉 jí /jee/). 

Wishing you prosperity, joy and success this new year and always!