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Business Students Industry Trip to Mataharimall.com

The annual industry trip is designed to provide broad exposure to the Raffles College Pre-University and Business Studies students. Students will not only learn a great deal about the Industry but may also leave with key connections for future internships or job placement.

On November, 23rd 2017, our students had the chance to visit MatahariMall.com office, which is located in South Jakarta. Mr Hadi Wenas, the CEO of MatahariMall.com, shared his experience working in eCommerce industry in Indonesia. He also shared his view on the prospects of the eCommerce industry and online businesses, and how he first started to build the company. It was an interactive session where our students spoke about their shared aspirations and their views on today's online businesses. The sharing session ended with a networking session where the students had the opportunity to explore the Industry as their reference for future employment opportunities.