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Program Overview:

The BA (Hons) Business Administration (BBA) course will develop students’ intellectual and practical skills and will promote the development of students’ ability to analyse, synthesise and evaluate business principles in a wide range of appropriate contexts. The 2 core features of this course are; 1) The development of students’ lifelong learning skills including self-evaluation and reflection with the aim of placing students in the best position to make informed decisions about their future professional career, and 2) The development of decision-making skills from the operational to the international strategic levels.

The course will be taught through online lectures that aim to engage students with real life and virtual business issues, enabling the study of key aspects of management and leadership. The online lectures and workshops are designed to convey the broad outlines of knowledge pertinent to each module. The seminar sessions are built around student activity in response to a set of prepared tasks that require students to apply knowledge, discuss and analyse business problems. Students will also have the opportunity to practise and apply knowledge through business simulations focussing on business scenarios. Formal contact time in the virtual learning environment will on average make up 30 per cent of total study time, the remainder consisting of self-study or directed activities.


Students will be issued with tasks and reading for which they will be required to prepare. Tutorials will use a blend of learning sources including, textbooks, standard and bespoke texts, module notes and worksheets, and on-line resources and databases.

The assessment methods include:

Course work

Problem Based Learning tasks

Business simulations

Video presentations

Computer based tests


Course Details
  • Course Duration: 3 Years or 6 Semesters
  • Intakes: September
  • Qualification:

    Degree BA (Hons) Business Administration

Course Outline

Course Outline :

Year 1: Level 4 Core Modules:  Certificate in Higher Education – 120 credits

BA4006 - Understanding Business Information (30 weeks)

EC4009 - The Corporate Environment (30 weeks)

EC4001 – Economics in Society (15 weeks)

MN4002 - Fundamentals of Management (15 weeks)

Year 2: Level 5 Core Modules: Diploma in Higher Education – 240 credits 

All Level 4 modules plus

BA5002 - Business Research and Decision-Making (30 weeks)

EC5002 - International Business and World Markets (30 weeks)

MN5005 - Transnational Business Management (30 weeks)

MN5004 - Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurship (30 weeks)

Year 3: Level 6 Core Modules: - BA (Hons) 360 credits 

All Level 4 and 5 modules plus

MN6003 - Strategy: Choices and Change (30 weeks)

MN6P00 - Management Investigations and Dissertation (30 weeks)

MN6061 - Business Without Frontiers (15 weeks)

HR6055 - Organising and Managing Across Cultures (15 weeks)

EC6054 - International Finance and Trade (15 weeks)

MC6061 - Services Marketing (15 weeks)

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria


Academic and English Entry Requirements For Level 4 Entry (Year 1)

  • 2 ‘A’ Level passes with minimum grades A to C or 3 ‘A’ Level passes with minimum grades D and above; and General Paper (A or AS Level) or English (A or AS Level) with Grade E and above, or
  • Completion of the Raffles Foundation Certificate qualification, which London Met has articulated with advanced standing for direct Level 4 entry, or
  • Indonesia’s Ijazah - Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) / Madrasah Aliyah (MA) (Certificate of Graduation from Academic / Islamic Secondary School) plus the standard English language requirements (e.g. LondonMet English test and/or iAcademy UFC and/or IELTS/PET at the appropriate levels)

Applicants who do not meet the above mentioned English requirements can substitute with the following English tests:

▪ IELTS 6.0  and above (minimum score of 5.5 in each component), or

 ▪ Pass in London Met’s GSBL’s Online English Test