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Barca Innovation Hub

100% Online | Complete in 1 Month | 10.500.000 IDR

Raffles College being affiliated with PSB Academy proudly present to you the Barca Universitas global network for the online training program.

FC Barcelona has become a sports club and a social entity with worldwide relevance and global reach, a powerful, recognized brand. But it is never fully satisfied. That's why Barça Innovation Hub has been created, with the purpose of expanding the club's values and experience, within and beyond the sports environment, through research, innovation, and training. 

It's the project that makes it possible for the club to innovative, generate, attract, manage, and share knowledge it has generated over the years in different areas connected with sport. Barça Universitas is Barça Innovation Hub’s digital platform for knowledge transmission, and allows knowledge to be showcased and shared with the world.

Course Details
  • Course Duration: 1 Month, Each 10th Every Month
Course Outline

Barça Innovation Hub- Universitas aims to promote the professionalization of the sports industry through an effective learning experience through training programmes on its digital platform. The subjects explored within the Hub are related to five specific areas of knowledge: sports medicine, performance, technology, team sports, and social sciences.

  • Barça Universitas's commitment is to disseminate this knowledge through training programmes, with the aim of:
    Maintaining sports excellence and leadership
  • Pushing the limits of sports knowledge
  • Sharing this knowledge with the next generations of sports professionals
  • Building the future of the sports industry

Learn more about our available programmes below: 

Certificate in Communication in Sports Organisations

Certificate in Psychology in High Performance Sports

Certificate in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

Certificate in Training for Team Sports

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