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Program Overview:

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration awarded by University of Hertfordshire from the UK is designed for students who are interested in Entrepreneurship skills, Marketing Communication, Business Management, Financial Accounting, and other business related studies, to direct and guide them on the right track to pursue their passion in Business.

With quality education, internationally-recognized curriculum, and fast track study programs, we ensure that the students are prepared with knowledge and skills that will promote their potential in real-life application. 

The course will be taught through online lectures that aim to engage students with real life and virtual business issues, enabling the study of key aspects of management and leadership. The online lectures and workshops are designed to convey the broad outlines of knowledge pertinent to each module. The seminar sessions are built around student activity in response to a set of prepared tasks that require students to apply knowledge, discuss and analyse business problems. Students will also have the opportunity to practice and apply knowledge through business simulations focusing on business scenarios. Formal contact time in the virtual learning environment will on average make up 25 per cent of total study time, the remainder consisting of self-study or directed activities.

Students will be issued with tasks and reading for which they will be required to prepare. Tutorials will use a blend of learning sources including, textbooks, standard and bespoke texts, module notes and worksheets, and on-line resources and databases.

It typically takes two years and four months of full-time online study to complete your bachelor's degree in Business Administration—encompassing around 24 college courses; 12 courses in year 1, 7 courses in year 2, and 3 courses in year 3 (4 months).

The assessment methods include:

Course work

Problem Based Learning tasks

Business simulations

Video presentations

Computer based tests


Course Details
  • Course Duration: 2 Years and 4 months or 7 semesters
  • Intakes: January, May, September
  • Qualification:

    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration

Course Outline

Course Outline

UH Online Courses:    

ENL 210 - Academic Writing (12-14 weeks)

CSC 210 - Information Technology (12-14 weeks)

ACC 210 - Financial Accounting (12-14 weeks)

MGT 210 - Management (12-14 weeks)

ECO 210 – Principles of Microeconomics (12-14 weeks)

ACC 211 - Cost and Management Accounting (12-14 weeks)

MKT 210 - Principles of Marketing (12-14 weeks)

FIN 210 - Business Finance (12-14 weeks)

MGT 211 – Organization Behaviour (12-14 weeks)

ECO 211 – Principles of Macroeconomics (12-14 weeks)

LAW 210 – Business law (12-14 weeks)

MAT 210 – Business Statistics (12-14 weeks)

COM 216 – Public Relations Practice (12-14 weeks)

COM 214 – Mass Communication (12-14 weeks)

MKT 214 – Marketing Research (12-14 weeks)

MKT 217 – Selling & Sales Management (12-14 weeks)

Business Strategy (12-14 weeks)

Business and Commercial Awareness (12-14 weeks)

Global Marketing and Ethics Culture (12-14 weeks)

International Human Resource Management (12-14 weeks)

Issues in the Global Economy (12-14 weeks)

Leadership and Organisations (12-14 weeks)

Contemporary Issues in Business Management (12-14 weeks)

Digital Economy (12-14 weeks)

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

 Academic Requirements:

  • SMA 3/ Year 12 with average of 7 for 5 academic subjects and 5 passes with average of 55, no marks below 50 (including English and Math), OR
  • A-Level/ STPM with completion of 5 subjects with a minimum of 3 C’s (including English and Math), OR
  • Completion of Raffles College’s Pre-University Foundation Program.

English Requirements:

  •  IELTS 6.5, OR
  • A pass in RC English Placement Test (min. 80).

Working Experience:

  • Minimum 2 years working experience
  • Minimum 20 years old
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