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Why Study at Raffles College

     International Degree Solution

           UK Degree in Jakarta

           Our pathway enables you to complete your UK degree with full study in Jakarta

            Pathways to Top Universities

            With our foundation and business program, you have option to continue your study to Top universities in Australia, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and China

           Online Degree

           We offer full online degree study in collaboration with University of Hertfordshire

     Fast Track

          Our programs and pathways are design for you to save time. You will graduate with an International Degree in less than 3 years, giving you a competitive

          edge in today's workplace

     Global Classroom

          Through our program, you can get connected with students from all around the world, building network and cultural understanding

     High Academic Achievements

         Majority of our graduates are first honors recipients


     Design Thinking

       Design thinking is a mindset and approach to learning, collaboration and problem solving. In our program, students are to apply, implement and execute

       the design thinking process in their coursework/ assignments. It is a structured framework for which combines with  creative and critical thinking that allows

       information and ideas to be organized, decisions to be made, situations to be improved and  knowledge to be gained. It can be flexibly implemented,

       serving equally well as a framework for their activity or group project. As design thinking is a proven and repeatable problem solving protocol for any business 

       or profession we have incorporate it to our teaching and learning.

    Pastoral Care

        Each student is unique and an individual which may require different levels and types of support throughout their time at Raffles College.

        All students are assigned to a mentor. This is someone, usually one of their academic tutors, who takes a special interest in them. Beside academic, mentors 

        also act as motivator and emotional support if needed. Parents/ guardian may always approach mentor who will be happy to help/ refer their query onto the 

        right person if necessary. In addition, we have Senior Leadership Team consisting of College Director, Head of Programs, Registrar and Heads of Department

        where students may approach any of these staff if they wish on any matter. Raffles College has its own dedicated Welfare team on hand to ensure any matters,

        personal or otherwise, are dealt with effectively and supportively to allow students to maximized their full potential. Students therefore have a wide choice of 

        professionals to approach if needed. Raffles College also has excellent systems in place to identify any student who may need extra care and ensure early

        intervention is taken as necessary. Raffles College promotes and maintain high standards of individual attention and pastoral care to enable student striving 

        their highest academic standard of academic achievement.