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Why Study at Raffles College

Innovative learning and quality education

At Raffles College, students will gain their knowledge and experience through an industry-focused curriculum and the latest learning innovations. We aim to deliver quality programmes and offer pathway degree through our Academic partners to ensure our students will become future leaders in the industry. Our alumni have gone on to pursue further education in established universities and worked at reputable companies.

Smart saving and longer family time

At Raffles College, students will receive an International curriculum and teaching standard with affordable tuition fee as compared to Australia, UK, or Singapore. Raffles College also helps students to adapt while still studying in their home-country, which will help students to prepare for studying abroad.

Pathways to Top Universities

We are partnered with established universities in Australia, Singapore, and UK, who espouse quality teaching, high curriculum standard, and dynamic teaching methods. Students can choose the pathway for overseas education from our outstanding Academic partners. Our selected partners will give students the opportunity to continue their degree and have the real international exposure during their studies.

Preparation for a degree program

Our lecturers are committed to deliver necessary academic support and assistance to help our students with a set of skills to allow them to progress to an overseas degree program. An appropriate teacher-student ratio will also enhance and improve students’ learning experience at Raffles College.

Digital learning system

Raffles College students will have the access to our DIGI-LIB, which allows students to access books, e-journals, and other related publications at their own convenience. Students can also enjoy our wireless network connection that spreads across every corner of the Campus or our computer lab which is designed to assist students to complete assignments and explore the wonder of ICT.

Student support and services

We offer students assistance from financial advice and career guidance to help with immigration procedures and other travel-related matters. Counselling services to help students enhance and develop their skill set to achieve better results, as well as to help students address and cope with their well-being or learning issues.