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Why Choose Raffles College

1.        Part of Raffles Group of Schools

Raffles College is part of the Raffles Group of Schools that enables students to receive better industry linkage, quality outcomes and local as well as international network support. Our long history, have shown many students have started at the pre-primary level and moved up the academic ladder right up towards the ‘A’ Level and Raffles College Diploma and Degree programs.

Our proven track record also ensure our students graduate with great academic results and an educational holistic experience. Past graduates have gone on to established universities and worked at reputable companies.

2.        Affordable tuition fee and scholarships

Raffles College offers competitive tuition fees and a wide range of scholarships and awards to deserving applicants. Students can also stand to earn discounts if their qualifying grades and entrance tests meet a certain standard. Deserving applicants and scholars go through stringent interviews and tests in order to be chosen. Successful applicants not only need to meet academic standards but also need to demonstrate qualities that are becoming of a scholar.

3.        Established partner universities

Raffles College offers quality education from established universities in Australia, the US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. Such collaborations and partnerships can only serve to benefit students who choose such pathways for their future academic career. High curriculum standards and qualified lecturers deliver above expectation academic results.

4.        Various study options

There are a wide variety of study options such as overseas degree transfer programs and foreign degree completion in Indonesia. Students can spend more time in Indonesia or choose to spend a greater amount of time overseas if they choose to do so. The needs and demands of today’s students ensure that we deliver these flexible study options.

5.        Strategic location

Students can study in either the Kebun Jeruk campus in West Jakarta or in the Kelapa Gading campus in the North where amenities and public transportation are widely available and accessible. These locations allow students greater flexibility with their time and progress through the programs.

6.        Focus on employability

At Raffles College, we focus on building employability for global career and opportunities. We have a number of established partnerships and collaborations with different companies in the multiple industries. Programs and initiatives such as enrolment to employment program, business leadership series, industry visits, workshops and coaching sessions are designed to prepare students towards their desired career upon graduation. Some of our programs also require our students to finish their final year by completing an Internship program with a company in the industry.

7.        Student support and services

Raffles College’s international office is ever willing to provide assistance to you in matters of immigration procedures and other travel related matters. Forms and documents are also provided in terms of financial payments, academic results and academic career advice. Counselling services are also provided should students require this.

8.        Raffles English Program

Raffles College helps students with their language skills through the Raffles English Program. It gives students a solid foundation in the English language that will allow them to proceed further in their respective programs at Raffles College. Our lecturers help to raise our students’ English proficiency by firstly identifying students who require extra help and secondly by conducting effective English lessons in terms of reading, writing and speaking.

9.        Free application form and career guidance test

The career guidance test is a survey that will help identify a student applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. A series of questions will reveal an applicant’s multiple intelligences; for example mathematical, literary, or kinesthetic. From here we will then be able to advise the student applicant on his/her choice of academic career.

10.     Free photo character test to discover your potential and interests