Raffles Student Association (RSA) | Raffles College

Raffles Student Association (RSA)


RSA is the official student body of Raffles College. The organization represents the student’s interest and liaises with management. The organization hosts and supervises student clubs’ activities and regularly organizes public events (such as Halloween, Valentines’ Day or Bazaar) from time to time.

All students of Raffles College are greatly encouraged to join student clubs and participate in their activities, so that their College life can be more enjoyable and interesting.

Some of RSA Events:

  • Student Orientation Program

The Orientation program is held at the beginning of every semester. This program is organized by RSA with close supervision from the Student Services Department. The aim of this program is to brief new students about students’ rules and regulations, our academic program and course information, campus facilities, and most importantly the vision and mission of Raffles College. Our orientation program has a mixture of fun and engaging activities to welcome our new students. Among the fun activities during the program are games and competition, orientation night, briefing and a College tour. Other college activities  include:

  • Sports Day
  • Music Festival
  • Bazaar
  • Multicultural Festival
  • Charity Events
  • RSA Festival

For The Clubs, RSA Also Hosts :

  • Photography club
  • Basketball club
  • and others depending on students’ initiatives and interests