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Raffles English Program

A Dynamic and Practical Way of Learning English

This course is an integrated language skill class that provides students a range of English levels starting from basic up to advanced levels with holistic experiences based on four main themes: Grammar; vocabulary; conversation strategies; and listening. Reading and writing practice will be taught in conjunction with the various activities and tasks as students work to achieve the learning objectives of this course.

Whats Unique About REP

  • Innovative and practical program that combines the study of academic English by exploring basic theories of English and practical  and communicative learning.
  • Practical Learning Activities, various practice of English in a professional setting will be held to add the interactive value of this program
  • Communicative, collaborative and autonomous. This enables our students to learn effectively both with their classmates, lecturer, and by self-study   either in class or outside class hour.
  • Modular Based Class. Students can start from any module depending on the placement test result
  • All Inclusive integrated facilities


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  • REP 104 – Intermediate

Experiential English Learning through DRAMA and BROADCASTING

Being able to use the language is one way to measure your success.  At this stage, students will be introduced to the core aspects of English Language requirements such as Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing as well as Grammar. Furthermore, you will experience innovative classroom setting through different activities as stated below:

    • News Anchor Experience

Experience to be a news anchor for a day at Raffles.

You will be shot in a real studio setting while broadcasting some news implementing professional English skills.


Get a red carpet experience by performing an edge drama to show your true entertainment skills and professional English Skills

  • REP 105- Upper Intermediate

Get on stage to show your English Skills

Students will be introduced to an Upper Intermediate level of English Language requirements in terms of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing as well as Grammar.  You will go through different kinds of English speaking experience by having more individual involvement in using the language.  Thus, you will be able to develop your sense of language by actualizing yourselves professionally through different activities below:

    • Giving presentations in English.

You will have an opportunity to give a presentation in front of other people using power points, real objects, pictures and other kinds of props.

    • Professional Public Speaking in English

Experience to be a professional public speaker by delivering a speech in English.  You will be prepared to write the speech and be trained to present it in front of the public.

    • Professional Talk Show

You will take part in a professional and interactive talk show where you can explore your inner talent in an entertainment field.

What do you get?

  • Cambridge test certificate
  • REP certificate
  • A record of your presentations, public speaking or talk show in a CD format


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Academic Requirements:

SMU Kelas 2/Grade 11/Year 11:

Minimum of 70 for 5 subjects, or average of 55 for year 11 students (including English and Maths), or

O-Level/SPM/IGCSE/Matriculation:Minimum of 5 C’s (including English and Maths), or

Completion of any other programs equivalent to the above with 5 passes, including English

English Requirements:

IELTS 5.5, or TOEFL 520, or A pass in Raffles English Placement Test


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I want to say this is one of the best college I have seen in a very long time.