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Student Testimonials


International University Foundation, 2016

“I feel happy studying in Raffles College, because I get to know so many friends from other majors. In the future, I want to become an AF records label owner, to compose music for movies, and I also want to make my parents proud.”

Sirah, Designpreneur

FMDS, Graphic Design, 2015

“Every FMDS subject is interesting, and lecturers are very friendly and helpful to students. Although this course has a short duration and gave me a lot of pressure, but it has been a good experience, as it allows me to realize my strong passion in this field.”

Moses Wicaksana, Designpreneur

FMDS, Graphic Design, 2016

“My studies here have been tiring and fun at the same time. Sometimes there is so much work to do, but the projects are really fun and exciting. Study trips are also great and give us experiences. I would like to study product design overseas in the future. My dream is to be a designer that creates creative and innovative products.

Diana Tenny

MERIT AWARD Scholarship student at Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

“[This] is not only a place for study, but one where I can grow and develop my personality. The subjects studied… I have inspired me to be successful in the future. It has developed my understanding about crucial elements of business. I will not lie the assignments…are challenging but it gives me what I need to excel, for me this is how college should be, showing me how the real world is. I am now studying in Queensland University of Technology (QUT), I enjoy my time here at Brisbane…”

Paola Taopanta Nicolalde

International Student from Ecuador

“I enjoyed very much the high quality standards that our lecturers… demonstrated during our classes. They help us build good character in the areas of multicultural behavior. As an international student, it is valuable and priceless. I also have a comfortable atmosphere at the campus with all my classmates. I was exposed to a multicultural environment. I also had the opportunity to taste different food and learn the Indonesian language.”

Felix Gosal

Alumni, 2016

“Times flies, I still remember the time when I signed up for Raffles College... I chose Raffles College because of their unique, fast-track international degree programme whereby I could get an Australian Bachelor Degree... 

I enjoyed every single moment at Raffles College, the lecturers are helpful, passionate in teaching… and don't mind if we engage them out of consultation hours... I really appreciate that... 

For us as business students, the most valuable insight is when you have hands on experience to start on your own projects/campaign...which has been implemented (during the course) to enhance our practical knowledge and understanding. 

The student council is great with plenty of interesting events such as our Bazaar, Sports Day and many more. 

I wish everyone at Raffles college the much success endeavor... I am grateful to be part of the Raffles College alumni. 

Thank You.”