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Student Activities

Raffles Student Association (RSA)

RSA is the official student association of Raffles College. The organization represents the interests of students and has direct access to the school’s management. RSA hosts and supervises student activities and regularly organizes public events.

We strongly encourage all students to take part in RSA activities and take the opportunity to hone their leadership and social skills beyond the classroom.

Some of RSA Events:

Outdoor Learning Yogyakarta

Raffles College conducts an industrial visit program to enrich the students with the hands-on experience of how the industry conducts its business process, as well as to give students the exposure to real life industries. This time, our students visited PT. Sritex, the biggest textile company in ASEAN, and Kampung Batik in Solo and Yogyakarta.

This activity will give students the opportunity to see, at first-hand industry in action and to learn about their systems, products and processes. Moreover, this also gives students the opportunity to speak and ask questions to the industry experts.

With this, our students will be able to compare what they have learned in class, with the actual situation on how the theories are applied on the field. In addition, they will also gain more insights for their future reference.

Live Recording at "Ini Talk Show"

On 16 March 2018, Raffles students have been invited to join “Ini Talk Show” live in Net TV Studio. This program is presented by 2 famous comedian were Andre Taulany and Sule.

Ini Talk Show program presented 3 actresses. They discuss about their lifestyles, these actresses were Fanny Ghassani, Merdiant Octavia and Asyifa Latief.

At the studio, the students can experience a live recording process of a TV Show. They experience how the audience are directed by the crews, how the presenters are directed by the scripts.

The knowledge also covers seating arrangement to gain maximum performance.  

Student Orientation Program

This is held at the beginning of every semester, organized by RSA with close supervision from the Student Services Department. The aim of this program is to brief new students about campus rules, course information, campus facilities, and more. Our orientation program has a mixture of fun and engaging activities to welcome our new students. Among the fun activities during the program are games and competition, orientation night, briefing and a College tour.

Student Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops and specific programmes and initiatives that can help students to improve their study skills and achieve academic success. Our workshops provide practical guidance geared to tackle specific stages of university study. Most workshops are facilitated by our internal Academic staff or experienced external facilitators. Workshops can cover specific topics and last between 1 - 2 hours.

Industrial Visits

The Industry Visit program provides students with the opportunities to meet with industry experts so they get a chance at professional development with hands-on learning experiences. Students can use these visits to gain a deeper understanding of different industries, their core business areas, projects and key initiatives driving the sector.

These visits are organized in collaboration with many reputable Companies in diverse industries in Indonesia. Raffles College has collaborated with some of these Companies:





Field Trip

Field trips are designed to enrich students’ learning, knowledge and understanding of a subject and add realism to the topic of study through hands-on activities that complement the in-class learning experience.

Sports Day

Sports Day is one of the biggest events in the Raffles College calendar. Sports Day is a fun-filled afternoon of social sport, which helps students to cement newly formed friendships, and get involved in some healthy competition.

Students can participate in futsal, basketball, table tennis competitions and many other fun activities. At the end of the day, prizes will be awarded to the winning teams and individuals.

Alumni Gathering

Raffles College Alumni Gathering Events will give graduates the opportunity to reconnect with old and new RC friends. The purpose of Alumni Gatherings is to celebrate and expand these networks.