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Sherly Hartanti

Bachelor of Hotel & Resort Management, Blue Mountain International Hotel Management School

After studying in Singapore for more than ten years, I started to miss my life in Indonesia and decided to return home and settle down after my O-levels completed. Being clueless about the future, a friend of mine recommended me to enter INTI College Indonesia. Knowing that INTI College had a large connection  with numerous universities in Australia and was also part of the Laureate Group, I decided to enroll to INTI and now I  am a proud student of first rank Hospitality University, Blue Mountain International Hotel Management School.


Basuki Martowibowo

 University of Southern Queensland [ Bachelor of Business Administration – Graduated in 2008 ]

I am proud and I am happy to be an INTI – USQ graduate.The best thing about this program is it is recognized very well in Indonesia and internationally.

Throughout my study I found that the instructors were really helpful and supportive. In my learning period I has the opportunity to exchange ideas with other USQ’s students from all over the world.Most interestingly the flexibility in this program had given me the luxury to spent some time on work and building up my career resume, at the same time completing a degree.


Diana Tenny

INTI College Indonesia Class of 2012

“INTI College Indonesia is not only a place for study, but it is the place where I can grow, the lesson that I gained at INTI has inspired me to graps success in the future, it has develops my understanding about crucial elements of business. I would not lie the assignments at INTI are challenging but it gives me what I need to excel, for me this is how college should be, showing me how the real world is. 
I am now studying in Queensland University of Technology (QUT), I enjoy my time here at Brisbane, I am so happy when INTI told me that I am one of the MERIT AWARD Scholarship student at QUT, just like what i have always dreamt of Thanks to INTI College”


Paola Taopanta Nicolalde

International Student from Ecuador

I enjoyed very much the high quality standards that our lecturers at INTI demonstrated during our classes. They help us to build a good character in the multicultural behavior. As an international students, that is become a priceless knowledge. I also have a comfortable atmosphere at the campus with all my classmates. I have many experiences with the different cultural, like had a culinary tour and learned the Indonesian language and expressions. That’s all my valuable experience when studied at INTI College.